zoë lee

Through my practice, I aim to expose relationships concerning human behaviour within societal constraints. This year my work has been a commentary on the fast-paced consumerist culture of interior design. The use of hyper-aestheticism in magazines and social media often includes houseplants, as though nature has become something we can purchase. By viewing nature as a product to consume, we can cause mass destruction to the environment without being responsible. The climate crisis we are facing is having a huge impact on human well-being and is being continually disregarded. By pointing out our hypocrisy I hope to bring to light how much we take nature for granted. I have been experimenting with wall murals to comment on interior design aesthetics. I have been inspired by microscope images of plant cells and the colours often found in interior design websites. I chose plant cells as inspiration for my mural because I found the shapes to be aesthetically pleasing.