selina mustafa

My intention is to explore the notion that one can be lulled into an altered state of consciousness, via the symbiotic relationship between visual and audible stimuli. When two sensory-evocative artforms come together harmoniously to create a multi-sensory stimulating experience, a state of ‘trance’ can be induced – otherwise known as an altered conscious state. Fractal patterns, sacred geometry, and the psychedelic art & musical movement of the 60’s have informed my artwork, which I’ve explored through multidisciplinary practices such as live performances of liquid light shows, film & audio pieces, resin painting, and digital manipulations. For my final exhibition piece, I have amalgamated those practices and manifested them into a 3D structure – a large kaleidoscope that refracts abstract and fluid shapes and colours in the mirrored interior prism, accompanied by distorted melodies. The surreal and gestural forms intend to mesmerise the viewer and induce an altered state of consciousness.