rae clark

Leucopaxillus Giganteus is edible and delicious to some but is toxic and causes severe gastro-intestinal illness in others. Existing in this ‘risky’ state. A liminality between edible and toxic. Most people don’t know which wild mushrooms are edible or toxic, so they’re a pretty good representation of our relationship with them. Wild mushrooms are surrounded by mystery and anxiety. I am a picky eater. I have suffered with disordered eating, specifically in the sense of ‘Clean Eating’ (be that moral or physical pristineness). In my mind, mushrooms connote the dirty, the dying and the unclean. But I know this is not necessarily true. I have an intense sensory disgust of mushrooms. Here, I transform them into a sensory desire, a self-stimulatory, urgent need to touch. This installation is a site designed for social ritual. While the work softly consumes us, I will learn to love softly consuming them in return.