megan webb

The painting, ‘A Golden Cage’ forms my response to narrow minded female archetypes portrayed in Film Noir, 19th Century Impressionist paintings and Greek Mythological poetry. The acrylic painting on box canvas uses the human form to imply mystique, seduction and power to reinterpret a female antagonists in a 21st-Century painting. The painting uses a monochrome palette following the appearance of a 19th century film noir, one in particular being A Fool There Was (1915) by Porter Emerson Browne. The central image shows a female’s profile and the poster’s arrangement of features (placing the credits under the image and title in thick font) reflect the classic herald form, specifically in The Dark Secrets of Clara Killborne. The artwork shows written quotes, giving an insight into the female character’s mind and opinions, a feature absent from most original heralds, however one in which I felt necessary to include. The intention was to suggest and gesture towards a multi-faceted portrayal of a women being possible in media.