lewis mckay

My work is at the congruence of a powerful calling, a beckoning to the archaic, an innate yearning that cannot be ignored nor supressed. This seemingly alien energy is pulled forth through those among us who have gazed in bewilderment, at the iridescent shadow of a higher dimensional object. Left alone or few in numbers, spouting Poetic Eddas in glossolalic convulsions we find this summoning, this negotiating of experience spilled onto the floor of historical record, seeping into the cracks between the carefully laid tiles; we wait for those who have also seen or those with a particular eye for the mystery, to understand the signs; we delve into this strange and viscous material which is both history and myth, material and magic, and conscious and unconscious to emerge wielding the alchemical stone, the lapis lazuli, the higher dimensional object. This hypothetical body of current indefinability will leave whatever culture it contacts forever changed we have seen this object partially manifest before in our ancient past, serval religious becoming’s and more recently in the 1960’s however each time incomplete its ripples and effect are still felt today. For when wielded with proper care, pontification and through shamanic practice this object acts as the cultural event horizon a point of no return, which will aid in the healing of the collective over mind and in turn halt our destructive actions.