hannah cottington

With an increasing awareness of our society’s radically developed culture driven by pace and success, coinciding with the rise of mental health issues and development in child psychology, the work I produce seeks to enwrap these needed conversations within the theme of fragility explored through the use of materials. Concrete, wool, thread, muslin and porcelain have all accompanied such an interaction and interweaving of the feminine, warm, organic and pliable, to that of the emotionless, cold, invasive and commercialised. The juxtaposition of the materials exposes their fragility in their purest and most emotional sense, unearthing and highlighting their strong sense of individuality in their origin, attributes and purpose within society as well as their conjunction and simultaneous dependency on each other for architectural and structural support. This process has enabled me to see the ‘harshest’ and ‘weakest’ of materials in a light of strength, honour and beauty in sheer vulnerability of contradiction and resolution.