el martin

My work is concerned with sci-fi landscapes and how they would thrive without the interference of humans. Frustrated with the Earthly settings and conventions of mainstream sci-fi films and games, I have started to experiment with colour and texture to create my own alien planets. Contrasting Earth-like ecologies with a vivid colour palette, the polygonal shapes and blocky shadows of the landscape are unconcerned with the concept of “realism”; I feel that sci-fi, as a genre, emphasises and embraces the fabricated, the attempts to make human creations look inhuman. Inspired by late-90s/early-2000s video games, that strived for Earthly realism and instead created uncanny, low-poly landscapes due to limits of technology, I’m interested in more “unnatural” 3D generated landscapes that appear more alien than landscapes created with advanced technology that allows for “realism”.