deneese dzvengwe

My aim for this year was to experiment more with paints and push myself to the limit. I wanted to see if I could go further with painting and create different types of paintings, whether it be distorted, realistic or small scale. One word that I am focusing on in my practice is ‘candidness’ which is the process of being straight forward and honest. I love how an artwork can still look beautiful by even it is not thought through or considered of properly. Another thing that I have started recently doing in my working is using pattern and repetition. I currently use acrylic paints as a main material. I would like to experiment more with using these foreign materials as they turned out to be surprisingly successful. This year, I have stepped away from portraits and looked more into nature composition and pattern. Portraits have always been my go-to but i have lost interest in them and now want to carry on painting but looking into repetition.