christine glover

The art I create is informed by combining colourful, vibrant backgrounds with large-scaled abstract self-portraits. By exploring themes of imagination, dreams and feelings through my paintings, I try to uncover and explore my inner self. I intend to create a series of portraits which convey a different meaning to each viewer. The viewer is invited to gaze at the paintings and interpret them as they please. By overloading the portraits with different elements such as collaged images, a variety of vibrant colours, I intend to create an overwhelming effect on the viewer. All the fabrics are a light lilac fabric which were primed using glue, allowing an uneven texture to form, thus creating another dimension for the paintings. Furthermore, the faces I paint are inspired by Fayum mummy portraits from Egypt. The size and the imperfections of the paintings are used as an aesthetic tool to explore the self. To conclude, all the paintings featured in the Big Head Series include an array of colours, themes, meanings, textiles and patterns.