becca lynn

I use sound and video collaging techniques to create immersive installations, focusing on how technology has created a set of unique circumstances that are fuelling anxiety. Paradoxically this anxiety is being met with an onslaught of technological apps and treatments mixed with the confusing, anachronistic use of meditative strategies. My work questions whether this is just a sticking plaster that is soon to fall off? Wellness has become an industry to exploit the anxious. I layer sounds and images from pop culture, the media and technological devices to create soundscapes and films. I try to keep the media within its original context to help strengthen the works conations. For example when I manipulate sounds from the meditation app Headspace, these pieces translate best when played through headphones. Headphones are integral to many of my sound pieces as they emulate an internal monologue far more effectively than speakers. Throughout the installations I manipulate the environments, by altering the size, lighting and scent of the space.